Where TrainedOn is heading to?

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TrainedOn is stepping out of beta phase after the past months of testing and development. We are introducing a tiered pricing model and focusing on developing long-requested new features. Scroll below if you want to read more on how we arrived here and what is ahead.

There has been a lot going on here at TrainedOn since the last time we peeked what is behind the scenes during our 2013 year review.

Our team finishes the last touches on integrating payments as we speak, which signals the end of the free beta period of the past months. So how did we get here?

I still vividly recall the excitement of using the very first test version of TrainedOn to prepare a training plan for a training gig in February. Of course, I forwarded a detailed bug list to our development team :). But despite all the small glitches, the experience was incomparably better than anything I had ever used before to design a training plan. I was content that it worked even better than what we dreamed about!

We put many hours to create a product which is going to make our lives easier, and finally I could feel confident that this will indeed work. We already had 5 dedicated users inside our team :-)

It was no question that we must bring it to a wider audience!

Since February, when we launched the first version of TrainedOn to a small group of pre-registered trainers, we got an immense amount of feedback. About 500 registrations, 100 active users and over 5000 training blocks later, we have a long list of improvements and bug-fixes behind us, and a stable version of TrainedOn to offer.

Talking with dozens of you – our users – helped us to establish such a product roadmap, which will make TrainedOn an even more indispensable tool for trainers. Creating training plans for multiple calendar days and co-editing with fellow trainers are just the first ones on the way to make the process of training preparations smoother than ever before.


The past 7 months has also been a big adjustment for our team. After finishing in the Startup Wise Guys’ accelerator in Tallinn we all returned to our homes and shifted to remote and part-time work for TrainedOn from 3 different countries. This certainly makes our progress more challenging, but each time we see new names registering for TrainedOn or receive feedback like “I’ve waited for something like this for 20 years” boosts our spirit and motivation big time.

Now we are looking forward to commit more effort in developing TrainedOn. We expect that the new tiered pricing model will help us better serve trainers with different needs. And in return, the commitment of trainers satisfied with TrainedOn will enable us to put more effort into development and customer service.

We are thankful for all the precious feedback received so far, and hoping that all our users will find a good fit in the new subscription model of TrainedOn. We are also excited to add more value over the next months by improving the experience of training planning.

At last, to share my recent experience, two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to use the first test release of the multiple calendar day training planner to prepare a 3-day long workshop. The ease of using it brought me similar, maybe even higher level of excitement as the one I had testing the very first version of TrainedOn!

Many things are still to come, and we can’t wait to share it with the world as soon as we are ready with them!

Robert Cserti
Co-founder of TrainedOn

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