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We have been quiet for some time, but things are about to change. We recently moved to Tallinn as we got selected for a startup accelerator – Startup Wise Guys. Finally we are in one place and fully dedicated to work on TrainedOn in order to develop a valuable service for the training community.

First two and a half weeks have passed by extremely fast mainly due to so much activities and energy. The greatest value of the accelerator for us is the network it provides. Starting with the mentors and investors that we meet, who guide us with the right questions, pieces of advice and play around with the ideas. Extending from there some of them even deliver training themselves or at least they know the corporate educators. Not only have we been introduced to some of the most prominent trainers in Estonia, we are getting more and more contacts all around the world and this has lead us to quite extensive validation phase of TrainedOn’s potential value for trainers.

Training world is vast and very diverse which means that we can’t cover everything from the start therefore we are working on figuring out the where we can help the trainers the most. Soon, after some more interviews, we will publish a survey to ask you what are your training related practices. So stay tuned and leave us comments.

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