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TrainedOn is now SessionLab

2016 was an inspiring year for us. Many facilitators discovered our platform, we worked on and delivered exciting new features, and we continued learning and growing along the way. As the year comes to a close we have one more important announcement left: we are changing the name of our platform to SessionLab. While there is no change in the features and functionality of the platform, you can continue reading our reflection on the past few years and reasons behind the name change.

When we founded TrainedOn a few years ago we aimed to solve the problems we experienced ourselves while working as trainers in a youth NGO. We often built our training sessions on the experience of previous trainers and workshops, but it was tedious work finding the right content. And building the session plans in Excel was no fun either.

Two and a half years ago the first users logged in to the initial prototype of TrainedOn to plan their training sessions. Since then we have gone a long way, and the toolkit for soft skill trainers we initially envisioned was gradually developed to become a process design tool to help anyone preparing a facilitated session. With this growth, we also saw a wide variety of professionals starting to use our platform for session planning, and learned a great deal about how to help and inspire people in their session preparations.

In 2015 we made our session planner a more collaborative tool and introduced the library of facilitation resources. This year we focused on making the application suitable for teams and introduced private libraries to collect teams’ best practices and to develop their own knowledge base. We also brought some long-awaited features for everybody like rich-text formatting and better time management.

And now, at the end of the year, we are announcing one more change that is a small step for you, but an important step for us. And that is the new name of our platform:


Why SessionLab? Our purpose is to support you in preparing and delivering better facilitated sessions. We want to help you find the best methods for your workshops, be effective in session preparations and capture your learnings to continuously improve. We built our solution to provide a platform where you can find the necessary ingredients to design a high-impact interactive session, and where it is easy to experiment while coming up with thoughtful session designs. Like a laboratory for designing great sessions – SessionLab!

For our facilitators, trainers, service designers, innovation consultants and meeting professionals we are still committed to offering the best product and support, thus we are making this transition in a way that does not require any changes on your part. The legal entity behind SessionLab remains the same as it was, TrainedOn OÜ – our company incorporated in Estonia.

To reflect the name change and the growing amount of resources shared on the platform, we have updated our Terms of Service, so be sure to check them out and contact us if there are any questions.

As we take this next step as a company, we want to thank all of you for your continued support and enthusiasm. We are excited to continue building the service that makes your lives easier so you can focus on what you do best: make things easier for your clients!

Happy New Year from the SessionLab team!


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  1. Congrats on the rebranding. I think the new name is more reflective of the diverse applications for the system. Glad to see you will be keeping the old url and forwarding. I suggest you maintain that for quite some time while we all get into the habit of using the new url and have the new name firmly entrenched in our memories. Best wishes.

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