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Today we are bringing you a couple of timekeeping improvements in SessionLab:
  • a time lock which allows you to fix the starting time of any block
  • the option to switch to 12-hour (i.e. AM/PM) time in your schedules
Read on for more details about the new features.

Does it sometimes happen to you that certain parts of your schedule have to start at fixed time? For instance a lunch break tied to logistic requirements. When planning your workshop it can be annoying if such break drifts forward or backward as you modify the duration of other blocks.

To help with this we are introducing a time lock option: you can now fix the starting time of any of your blocks. If a lunch break needs to start at noon, then you can have it fixed for 12:00 in your session plan.


Whenever there is a gap between your locked blocks and the rest of your agenda an icon indicates that you have extra time to allocate.


This new feature will replace the previous way of setting the starting time of your session. Instead, now you just need to lock the time of the first block in your schedule. Your previous sessions that had a starting time set have automatically been transferred to the new method which means that, in effect, their schedule will remain the same.

The second improvement launched is the possibility to switch to 12-hour time in your schedule. If you prefer to use 05:00 PM instead of 17:00, just go ahead to your account settings and change to 12-hour option. You will see the new timing in all of your sessions and printouts. This setting is per user, so if you are collaborating with somebody, they will see the time based on their own setting.

Go ahead and check these new improvements at www.sessionlab.com!

We’d love to hear your feedback and ideas in the comments.

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