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2015 – The year of focus and learning

The New Year is knocking on the doors, which brings an opportunity to reflect on what happened with TrainedOn in the past year. To put it into perspective, going from a hobby to an incubator in 2013 and then launching our product and tweaking the business last year, 2015 is best characterised by the words focus and learning, as it brought the most learning about our potential customers, which resulted in steady growth.

What were the highlights?

  • More than 100 interviews carried out with trainers and facilitators over 6 continents (yes, we are still missing Antarctica).
  • Learning that what we initially looked at as a training design tool for trainers is, from another perspective, a collaborative process design tool for facilitators. In fact, over the past couple of months, our user base became a diverse mixture of facilitators, trainers, and people from a wide array of professions who sometimes prepare and lead interactive meetings.
  • In pure numbers, we started the year with 600 users and grew to 1400 by the end of the year.
  • More and more small teams use TrainedOn after the collaboration possibilities were introduced in the tool.
  • Adding a  library of facilitation exercises.
  • Never ending learning as we are taking care of various aspects of building the app and running the company – among other useful sources, we got a ton of inspiration and practical examples from Groove’s blog about customer development and building a business.
  • Our team continued working remotely and got more experience in agile development as the default mode of operation.
  • In the meantime, we felt a mental shift taking place, as we were turning from the glamour of the startup world towards aiming to build a sustainable and lean bootstrapped company.

Importantly, all the learnings and joyful moments of 2015 would not have had happened without you, so a huge thank you to all TrainedOn users and to everyone helping us on the way with their time and advice!

There is no better motivation for us than receiving feedback from our users, let it be improvement suggestions or just praises like this one received recently:

“Going back to Excel after TrainedOn would be like going back to a regular phone after using a smartphone.”

We’re looking forward to continuing to support trainers and facilitators in 2016!

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