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The most intuitive session planning system for facilitators, consultants and trainers.

Design facilitation plans collaboratively, share professional-looking agendas with your clients and have a shared knowledge base within your team.
Easily reorder the blocks of your session using drag and drop

Workshop design made a real flow experience

SessionLab gets you covered with the Session Planner, a tool that works perfectly for planning a bespoke training or a facilitated workshop.

Have your focus and energy saved for the designing process. No more messing with spreadsheets!

Find the right activities for your session

Need an icebreaker to kick-start your workshop, or a specific exercise that fits the goals of your training? Browse and search among hundreds of quality group exercises and energizers and seamlessly add them to your session plan.

Get your session blocks and materials organized, so you can easily reuse your work.

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Collaborate on your plan with comments and real-time editing

Work together anytime, anywhere

SessionLab makes it easy to design your session plan with colleagues whether they are standing next to you or are on the other side of the world. Share your plan, receive comments and notifications, and work together in real time.

During delivery, adjust your plan as you go and let your co-facilitators stay up-to-date.

Find out how SessionLab works and learn about our features.

See why others use SessionLab

If you facilitate workshops or teach courses, SessionLab worth checking out. Finding it even better working with a team to flesh out an agenda and activities for workshops. It's the difference between a general purpose Swiss army knife, and a finely honed Shun knife.
Jess McMullin profile
Jess McMullin
Human-Centred Management Consultant - Situ Strategy
I love SessionLab. I am never going back to Excel or Word. SessionLab allows me to be free and creative in my process design, and that will positively affect the quality of what we deliver to our clients in the workshops.
Linn Bay
Linn Bay
Senior Consultant at Norconsult AS
SessionLab has made the design and scheduling process of a workshop I am hosting in a few days 45 times easier and more fluid. Thank you for creating this tool, I am already head-over-heels in love with it!"
Björk Brynjarsdóttir profile
Björk Brynjarsdóttir
Team Coach at Kolibri
SessionLab is an excellent tool for managing the knowledge you create, for creating rough prototypes and detailed plans, and for designing elegant agendas. It is one of the tools I cannot do without!
Julia Goga Cooke
Julia Goga-Cooke
Chief Creative Officer at Gconsultancy
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