SessionLab is the dynamic way to design your workshop and collaborate with your co-facilitators

The best session planning system for teams

Work together on facilitation plans, have a shared knowledge base and always stay up-to-date on what is happening in your team.

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I’ve been designing and leading sessions for over twenty years and it’s how I earn my living. SessionLab is a dream product — they’ve anticipated all my needs. SessionLab has transformed my folders of disparate notes, decks and agendas into tidy, repeatable gems with everything modularized, connected and all in one place. Whether I’m designing, rehearsing or presenting, I never want to be without SessionLab.
SessionLab is used by facilitators
Kristen Wheeler
Creator, Native Genius® Method
SessionLab is an excellent tool for managing the knowledge you create, for creating rough prototypes and detailed plans, and for designing elegant agendas. It is one of the tools I cannot do without!
Julia Goga Cooke
Julia Goga-Cooke
Chief Creative Officer at Gconsultancy
SessionLab gives a flow experience for training design

Workshop design made a real flow experience

SessionLab gets you covered with the Session Planner, a tool that works perfectly for planning a bespoke training or a facilitated workshop.

Have your focus and energy saved for the designing process. No more messing with spreadsheets!

Find the right activities for your session

Need an icebreaker to kick-start your workshop, or a specific exercise that fits the goals of your training? Browse and search among hundreds of quality group exercises and energizers and seamlessly add them to your session plan.

Get your session blocks and materials organized, so you can easily reuse your work.

SessionLab gets you organised
SessionLab helps you manage your sessions better

Work together anytime, anywhere

SessionLab makes it easy to design your session plan with colleagues whether they are standing next to you or are on the other side of the word. Share your plan, receive comments and notifications, and work together in real time.

During delivery, adjust your plan as you go and let your co-facilitators stay up-to-date.

Find out how SessionLab works and learn about our features.

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  • Individual account
  • Session Planner™ including Multi plan view
  • 10 session plans
  • PDF export
  • Access to 500+ exercises in Public Library


$ 9
  • Individual account
  • Session Planner™ including Multi plan view
  • Unlimited session plans
  • PDF and Word export
  • Access to 500+ exercises in Public Library
  • Share sessions with clients
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Parallel tracks
  • Multi-day sessions
  • Custom logo on printouts


from $ 45
  • Team workspace starting at 5 seats
  • Session Planner™ including Multi plan view
  • Unlimited session plans
  • PDF and Word export
  • Access to 500+ exercises in Public Library
  • Share sessions with clients
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Parallel tracks
  • Multi-day sessions
  • Custom logo on printouts
  • Private Team Library
  • Team Templates
  • Overview of team activity


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  • Everything in Team plan
  • +
  • Multiple Workspaces
  • Single-Sign-on (SSO)
  • Priority support
  • Dedicated education programs

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Trainers and facilitators love and trust SessionLab

SessionLab allows me to add and amend blocks of training, drag and drop, immediately recalculating the timetable and allowing me to tailor the day to the respective client’s training times. Why did no-one design this earlier? A product designed by trainers for trainers!
SessionLab is used by freelance trainers
Ian Crossley
Director and Principal Consultant at
Performance – Workplace Development Ltd
The biggest value in SessionLab is that by automatically changing the times of my programme, it saves me a lot of time and effort. This leaves me with more time and energy to think through my overall process and programme, ultimately letting me do what my clients really pay me to do. Additionally, I love the possibility of letting others review and edit the programme. This saves everyone from working on the old version.
SessionLab is used by Meet The Brain
Marinda Hall
Facilitator at Meet The Brain
I was amazed by the way SessionLab changed the process of workshop planning. By omitting the constant fiddle presented by formatting a spreadsheet SessionLab cleansed session planning into a pure creative process: a real flow experience.
SessionLab is used at Mito Europe
Orsi Szabó
Facilitator at Mito Europe
I often feel stuck and annoyed in frames of Excel, Word, mindmaps… SessionLab helps me focus on the creation process and keeps the creative mess of process design organized. It makes it easy to have a clear overview and freedom for further input from co-creators and team members.
SessionLab is used at Demola
Bernadett Pólya
Facilitator at Demola Innovation Lab
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